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2014 IEEE Workshop on Environmental, Energy and Structural Monitoring Systems
The increasingly strategic role of flexible, effective and innovative solutions for environmental, energy, and structural monitoring systems boosts the need for design methodologies and implementation technologies with strong adaptation and evolution characteristics. The workshop aims to present and discuss the various technological, methodological and application aspects of complex monitoring systems in the three aforementioned application areas. Papers are solicited on all aspects of environmental, energy and structural monitoring systems and the related applications, from the point of view of both theory and practice, including the following topics:
  • sensors and instrumentation for monitoring systems
  • signal and image processing for monitoring systems
  • intelligent monitoring systems
  • wide-area monitoring
  • communications in monitoring systems
  • security and privacy in monitoring systems
  • fault tolerance
  • dependability and resilience in monitoring systems
  • quality of service in monitoring systems
  • safety in monitoring systems
  • standards for monitoring systems
  • management and operation of monitoring systems
  • ethic issues in environmental and energy monitoring
  • software infrastructure for monitoring systems
  • engineering education in monitoring systems
  • environmental monitoring
  • water monitoring systems
  • air monitoring systems
  • pollution monitoring
  • agricultural and forest monitoring
  • energy and electrical power systems monitoring
  • energy distribution monitoring
  • oil/gas pipeline monitoring
  • structural monitoring
  • critical infrastructures monitoring
  • transportation systems monitoring
  • monitoring for sustainable environments
  • industrial monitoring systems

Special session on Structural Control and Health Monitoring Systems
Nicola Caterino, University of Naples Parthenope
Christos T. Georgakis, Technical University of Denmark
This special session aims at networking novel researches concerning complex and edge-technology systems and methodologies addressed to the vibration control and health monitoring of existing structures subjected to natural actions like earthquakes, wind, rain etc. and/or to deterioration. The session intends to attract and collect contributions coming from different area of research, so trying to draw a multidisciplinary state-of-the-art about the involved topics. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • passive, active and semi-active control schemes and implementations
  • system identification
  • health monitoring
  • health diagnostics
  • multi-functional materials
  • signal processing
  • sensor technology
  • piezoelectrics and mechatronics
  • wireless communications and measurements
  • smart or innovative sensors for local damage detection
  • optical fibre sensors for health monitoring
  • remote control of monitoring systems
with particular attention, among the others, to applications involving environmental and/or energetic aspects, according to the general address of the workshop.